Bookshelf Word Project

LunaMy cat Luna was nice enough to help me on my latest craft project. One that I have stewed over for a year now: How should I decorate my bookshelf?

I thought perhaps I would do a vintage theme with my 1950s magazines that I bought from the Oshkosh Antiques Store, but I didn’t feel it made sense for a bookshelf. At least not mine. No, it had to involve words. The only possible option came to me about a month ago when an old dictionary fell into my lap …

My job recently rid itself of unusable dictionaries after the new editions were finally ordered. My co-workers knew about my Mod Podge fetish and allowed me to claim one. But I wasn’t just going to put it on my bookshelf (in alphabetical order according to author’s last name); I decided to tear out random pages and glue the pieces to my bookshelf doors for decoration.

It involved a pair of scissors, a paint brush, the Webster’s II New College Dictionary, and Mod Podge.

I made sure the words:

  • snowflake,
  • reeve, and
  • literary

were visible. Also, I wanted the picture of a balalaika to stand out. Honestly, I don’t know the instrument, but it looks like it would sound a lot like a mandolin and that’s good enough for me.

Thankfully, the dictionary was out-of-date to the point that, if it was not functional at work, it was as good as crafts.

What are your thoughts?