The Truth About Soul Mates


This is beautiful!

“They get all fired up by somebody and then they’re like, ‘Oh, we’re supposed to be together forever,’ and it might not necessarily be the case. Whatever they fired up in you, you might have needed fired up. And then you may need them to go so that you can go on your journey different than you were.”

Why Don’t You Just Let It Be?

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There’s a reason you’re taught to take a deep breath and count to ten.

Meditation has given me different ways to look at the world, and with it a different writing mindset. The art of breathing has allowed me to take myself out of my stories, and by that I mean, I no longer live the emotional roller coaster ride of my characters. It has given me the ability to take a step back and see them for who they are without emotional bias. A lack of emotion in my stories is not what I am talking about. If that was the case, I’d probably never get published!

Next to adding positivity to my life, one of the most important aspects I received as a meditator is the viewpoint advantage; the ability to observe emotions, rather than drown in or dwell on them. It is the power to climb out of our thoughts and see situations clearly; sometimes for the first time. Boy, isn’t it embarassing when that happens? But better late than never!

Luckily meditation also brings forgiveness to our hearts — for those who have wronged us and those we have wronged. Hopefully, it also provides a more transparent picture of what’s right and wrong the next time a situation arises.

This is what happened with my writing.

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I was amazed how much it changed my style and approaches. Not only that, but my negative feelings about the world flipped, giving me the motivation and confidence I needed to become a writer. The world was beautiful again and so was writing, no matter how depressing the subject. I finally told myself how young I was NOT getting and how many great stories were NOT being written because of my procrastination and stink against the world.

There is no way to convince any one that breathing and quieting your mind can change your world. The best I can do is share my experience and hope people will at least give it a try. Especially if you’re a struggling writer who keeps writing herself into every story, like I always did. Oops!

Here is a hilarious clip from the film “Eat, Pray, Love” about the first time Elizabeth tries to meditate. And it is common, at least with my first meditation experience, to feel an initial presence of anger, but that just means that it’s working.

Please read the book, based off of Elizabeth Gilbert’s amazing journey. The movie and book are basically two different stories even though the movie is based off of the memoir. I love them both equally as separate pieces.

See what meditation can do for your writing!

Psssht! Writers …

This scene from the film “Becoming Jane” shows a snippet of Jane Austen writing the first few lines of “Pride & Prejudice,” originally titled “First Impressions.”

About a month ago, I shared a picture with my boyfriend of the female author I was recently reading. It revealed her in yoga clothes with ruffled hair that didn’t look like it’d been washed for several days, and an exhausted smirk on her face (that said to me: manuscript finally completed and accepted!)

He asked, “Why do writers always look so tired?”

It made me giggle. Because it is exactly that — exhaustion.  Writers may spend most of their day behind a computer writing their brains out, but they also spend many restless nights imagining brilliant plot lines or creating clever characters. For me, most of my discoveries come while I’m behind the wheel. Not as a passenger, but as a driver. This was always frustrating having to replay my scenes over and over in my head until I got home to write them down. However, I recently bought an iPhone with Siri and all I have to do is tell “her” what’s on my mind and pray she understands me so I don’t get home with a bunch of jumbled words on my Notes app.

So, if you’re ever wondering why there’s a crazed woman with her nose in a laptop, you can probably guess she’s been up all night deciding whether or not Little Johnny is going to survive the end of the novel.

Darker Print

When you’re reading novels, do you ever notice how the ink is sometimes printed darker on one page versus the other? For me, I typically notice lighter ink printed on the right page of an open book.

This may sound strange, but relief overwhelms me when I flip a page and see darker, bolder words again. Motivation to read the entire page and possibly the remainder of the chapter without interruption kicks in. I find coziness in my seat again (wherever that may be at the time) and read away.

I found a perfect video of what I mean. If you pay attention to either the left or right pages, you will notice how often darker print slips through, making THIS reader happy.

I wonder how many other of my fellow bookworms find pleasure in this reading moment.