Self-love Project for Once A Month 4 Ladies

Four UW-Oshkosh graduates started a website called Once A Month for Ladies (OAM), a 24/7 online ladies night. One of the gals happens to be my college roommate, so I have been able to join in the fun monthly activities (A 90s boy band reunion with 98 degrees and New Kids on the Block in July, woohoo!) and projects, as well as being a contributing writer when I think of a post idea.

Starting now until the end of July 2013, women from around the world will be participating in the OAM Self-love Project. I hope you will join in and post a simple picture of yourself with a great reason to love you! I think that this is such an amazing project to help women feel more confident and remember why they are special.

This is my third entry (I participated with one photo last year, and two this year) for this project, and I felt this last reason is Measure Life in Bookmarks appropriate!

OAM self-love project


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  1. Thanks for the share and the awesome photo!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the project and wonderful ladies night website! You ladies rock!!! 🙂

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