Making Janet Burroway and Charles Baxter Proud

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Yesterday — November 10, 2012 — was a big day for me. Perhaps the biggest in my writing career.

I have always been one of those procrastinating writers: Story idea comes; I write, sometimes finishing it; if I finish, I edit and edit and edit; years from conception, my stories are forgotten/put away until my next bout of editing.

But yesterday I sent my first short fiction story to two (now four) literary magazines for publication. I expect rejection letters, but the point is … I DID IT! I finally sent in my story with a huge sigh of relief to follow. Now I suddenly find myself addicted to sending out more of my words into the world.

I guess for me all it took was sending it out once, with the excitement that one of the magazines may some day publish one of my pieces of art.

What are your thoughts?