Book Approved

It has arrived, ladies and gentlemen.


My new Bestca BookBook iPhone 4s case ordered from


My very own BookBook case for the iPhone 4s, that is! This accessory was one of my first blog entries, if you remember. I have had it in my possession for about a week now and I have to say, so far, I like it — A LOT! Because my phone is wrapped within a binding of a leather bound book, I don’t feel as rude carrying it around or playing on it in public. When I went to see a band at the Appleton Summer Concert Series, all I had to do was put my ID, cash, and¬†debit card in the wallet slots. How convenient!

It may seem awkward at first to talk on the phone using the BookBook case, but I found that the easiest way is to bend the cover back. It fits perfectly onto your shoulder that way. The sound is not muffled and people on the other line can always hear me. The only downside to making calls with this is that no matter which way I bend or twist the phone to end a call, it doesn’t register it’s being moved at all, so I have to hit my home button for the screen to appear. Other times it constantly stays lit up and bumps the “Speaker” button.

The Twelve South BookBook (original) phone case offers a new style with a hole in the back cover for your camera. I chose to go cheap and it works just as fine. If I want to take a picture, I have to be careful not to drop my naked phone in the process. The BookBook case limits the phone with any other cases, since the slot is just big enough to fit the phone itself inside.

While there are a few downsides to this case, I know that it protects the phone upon impact unlike a lot of my other hard plastic cases that crack and break apart. Plus, it looks so cool to carry around a book wherever I go. It sort of feeds my constant craving to carry a real book in my arms.

My new Bestca BookBook iPhone 4s case ordered from

My new Bestca BookBook iPhone 4s case ordered from


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