Express Your Shelf

Today I stopped at The Book Store on Northland Avenue in Appleton where I discovered some ingenious new book covers.

Since the Nook’s and Kindle’s creation, owners have had creative protection case options for their eReaders to take them to the beach or on vacation without the fear of transportation damage. I know first hand what zero protection to a book can do for an avid reader like myself. Any where I go, I bring my beloved paperbacks with me in my purse and by the time I finish reading them, they have creased covers, torn pages, water stains, and minor dents.

Even though I do not own an eReader and probably never will, I found myself feeling jealous and resentful of all the “book” cover options for electronic book readers only. A part of me wished I didn’t love paper so much, while another part of me – my eyes – was thankful I still had will power. (Perhaps it was my lack of savoir faire when it comes to computer technology that has frightened me away from “upgrading” all this time.)

I have never come across anything like this offered for the more traditional bookworms. Some of the jackets at Barnes and Noble even had inspirational quotes in cursive font or a Victorian painting on their covers. Both of which are definitely my style and I would have paid the $20-some if I’d had the opportunity.

Well, today was the day my fears of being left behind were diminished when I came across The Book Store’s fake leather book covers for paperbacks! As an avid reader, who typically prefers soft covers over hard covers, I was thrilled to have discovered them. Not only were they geared toward the style of books I choose, but they were also my style decor. I selected the cover with the famous authors’ last names (as seen in the photographs). Isn’t she a beauty? There was even more than one size to choose from! For starters, I picked the smaller of the bunch, just to make sure it was the right change for me.

I found one good bookmark there as well. The quote describes my favorite way to start the day:

“Morning reflections. Savor the quiet moments.”

Shared with a hot cup of tea on a breezy, autumn day.

What are your thoughts?