Confessions of a Germaphobe: Library Books

Every time I hold a library book in my hand, I can’t help but worry about the other hands that have held the book before me. Sometimes I think about it so much that I am too distracted to comprehend what I’m reading. So I started a new routine:

The dirt that wiped off my library books.

The dirt that wiped off my library books.

When I return home from the library with my reusable bag filled with used books, I wet a paper towel with a tea tree oil and water mixture and wipe the books’ covers. As you can see from the photo (left), these books leave behind all kinds of messes from previous readers.

I am all about spreading free words with the public, but man! if my books ever get published, I will be walking around with a bottle of tea tree oil and a handkerchief, wiping down my covers whenever they are back on the shelves.

The damage to the paper towel after my sanitation spree did not calm my germaphobia, but at least now I know the truth and can mentally take care of the problem so I can read without fear.

What are your thoughts?