A Young Woman Reading

The painting A Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1776) that I found at St. Vincent de Paul.

The painting A Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1776) that I found at St. Vincent de Paul.

I have been in love with this painting for years.

When I was shopping at St. Vincent de Paul’s thrift store for essential apartment items, I saw it laying on the counter after I’d already checked out. My heart skipped a beat. I asked the tattooed, pierced woman behind the counter if she knew whether it was still for sale or not; she told me a woman not two minutes before me had decided against it.

It was $3. I snatched it up with gratitude under my breath to the woman who left it behind. Now it hangs above my bamboo bookshelf beautifully glowing against my white Christmas lights.


Clipped Arts

Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/ClippedArts for more of Shari's masterpieces for sale!

Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/ClippedArts for more of Shari’s masterpieces for sale!


Thank you, Shari Wittman for all of your creativity and generosity!
These earring will go great with my literature necklace.

And look! They’re Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice novels!
A Bronte and an Austen.
What more could you want?

Revived Newspaper Earrings

I fixed my favorite pair of earrings this morning and I wanted to share:

Newspaper earrings Newspaper earrings

Newspaper earrings

Thanks to Hobby Lobby’s nickel-free earring hooks, I can now wear my newspaper-covered earrings again!


Book Approved

It has arrived, ladies and gentlemen.


My new Bestca BookBook iPhone 4s case ordered from Amazon.com.


My very own BookBook case for the iPhone 4s, that is! This accessory was one of my first blog entries, if you remember. I have had it in my possession for about a week now and I have to say, so far, I like it — A LOT! Because my phone is wrapped within a binding of a leather bound book, I don’t feel as rude carrying it around or playing on it in public. When I went to see a band at the Appleton Summer Concert Series, all I had to do was put my ID, cash, and debit card in the wallet slots. How convenient!

It may seem awkward at first to talk on the phone using the BookBook case, but I found that the easiest way is to bend the cover back. It fits perfectly onto your shoulder that way. The sound is not muffled and people on the other line can always hear me. The only downside to making calls with this is that no matter which way I bend or twist the phone to end a call, it doesn’t register it’s being moved at all, so I have to hit my home button for the screen to appear. Other times it constantly stays lit up and bumps the “Speaker” button.

The Twelve South BookBook (original) phone case offers a new style with a hole in the back cover for your camera. I chose to go cheap and it works just as fine. If I want to take a picture, I have to be careful not to drop my naked phone in the process. The BookBook case limits the phone with any other cases, since the slot is just big enough to fit the phone itself inside.

While there are a few downsides to this case, I know that it protects the phone upon impact unlike a lot of my other hard plastic cases that crack and break apart. Plus, it looks so cool to carry around a book wherever I go. It sort of feeds my constant craving to carry a real book in my arms.

My new Bestca BookBook iPhone 4s case ordered from Amazon.com.

My new Bestca BookBook iPhone 4s case ordered from Amazon.com.


Bedtime Stories Become Nightstand Storage

What if you could have a nightstand made out of large books? And what if the binding of those books opened up into drawers? Would you buy one? Well, now you can! Hobby Lobby is currently selling them as storage pieces. (However, I must warn you that I have not had any luck finding it online. I Googled everything I could think of that might lead me to at least an image of it.)



I received this for my birthday and I love it! I rearranged my entire room for two days just so I could fit it. The surface space is limited but because I was able to shift things around and had more than two large drawers to store my stuff, the clutter has dwindled to a minimum. I still have room for my lamp, lotion, remote control (or clicker as I call it) and bedtime story.

Super cool gift for a bookworm like me!


Out of Print, Off the Page, and in Style

What I wouldn’t give to receive an income reading the novels off the 1001 Books to Read Before I Die list! Who’s with me? Well, if you’re reading my blog, I assume most of you would agree. So maybe there isn’t a job where you’ll be paid to read novels, but maybe you could get paid through the inspiration of them. Sounds interesting … go on?

Photo courtesy of www.outofprintclothing.com.

Photo courtesy of www.outofprintclothing.com.

A few months ago, one of my fellow reading/writing friends, Emily, shared a Web site with me that only Literary Gurus like ourselves could appreciate: Out of Print.

They sell t-shirts, cards, journals, tote bags, phone cases, etc., decorated in cover art from the world’s most famous authors and their novels. Everything from Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises to George Orwell’s 1984.

I think Out of Print puts their mission perfectly and I will not attempt to rephrase:

“Out of Print celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. Our products feature iconic and often out of print book covers. Some are classics, some are just curious enough to make great t-shirts, but all are striking works of art. 

We work closely with artists, authors and publishers to license the content that ends up in our collections. Each product is treated to feel soft and worn like a well-read book.”


So now, I will ask (because I’d love to know!) the same question Out of Print asks:

What’s your story?


Photo courtesy of www.outofprintclothing.com.

Photo courtesy of www.outofprintclothing.com.

If I had to choose … it would probably have to be Jane Austen’s Persuasion or Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love.  I am on a major happiness/meditation/yoga/love journey at the moment. If I would have been asked a year ago, I probably would have said something depressing like, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights or Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. (OK, so maybe not as depressing at The Bell Jar.) But that’s the nice thing about Out of Print, if you change your story every year, no fear, just buy another t-shirt! On your dark days, you can always fall back to Wuthering Heights, if needed. Who doesn’t love to reread Wuthering Heights every year, any how?

BookBook … BookBook … BookBook

Photo courtesy of www.twelvesouth.com.

Photo courtesy of www.twelvesouth.com.

Remember my complaints about how Nook and Kindle owners were so lucky to have protector options for their devices? Well, now there are options for laptops (Macs in particular) and cell phones (iPhone)!!! I don’t normally encourage exclamation marks, but I do believe this calls for several.

BookBook iPhone Case

Photo courtesy of www.twelvesouth.com.

One of the new writers at my job started a few days ago and brought with him something so amazing I stopped mid-sentence to revel in its beauty. It was a holder for his cell phone in the shape of an old hard cover book. Inside it held his license and credit cards like a wallet.

When I get the new iPhone (or any new phone, really!) I am ordering one of these babies! I am also interested in ordering the same style for my laptop. It will be well worth the money.

Please visit Twelve South for more product information.

Express Your Shelf

Today I stopped at The Book Store on Northland Avenue in Appleton where I discovered some ingenious new book covers.

Since the Nook’s and Kindle’s creation, owners have had creative protection case options for their eReaders to take them to the beach or on vacation without the fear of transportation damage. I know first hand what zero protection to a book can do for an avid reader like myself. Any where I go, I bring my beloved paperbacks with me in my purse and by the time I finish reading them, they have creased covers, torn pages, water stains, and minor dents.

Even though I do not own an eReader and probably never will, I found myself feeling jealous and resentful of all the “book” cover options for electronic book readers only. A part of me wished I didn’t love paper so much, while another part of me – my eyes – was thankful I still had will power. (Perhaps it was my lack of savoir faire when it comes to computer technology that has frightened me away from “upgrading” all this time.)

I have never come across anything like this offered for the more traditional bookworms. Some of the jackets at Barnes and Noble even had inspirational quotes in cursive font or a Victorian painting on their covers. Both of which are definitely my style and I would have paid the $20-some if I’d had the opportunity.

Well, today was the day my fears of being left behind were diminished when I came across The Book Store’s fake leather book covers for paperbacks! As an avid reader, who typically prefers soft covers over hard covers, I was thrilled to have discovered them. Not only were they geared toward the style of books I choose, but they were also my style decor. I selected the cover with the famous authors’ last names (as seen in the photographs). Isn’t she a beauty? There was even more than one size to choose from! For starters, I picked the smaller of the bunch, just to make sure it was the right change for me.

I found one good bookmark there as well. The quote describes my favorite way to start the day:

“Morning reflections. Savor the quiet moments.”

Shared with a hot cup of tea on a breezy, autumn day.