Bedtime Stories Become Nightstand Storage

What if you could have a nightstand made out of large books? And what if the binding of those books opened up into drawers? Would you buy one? Well, now you can! Hobby Lobby is currently selling them as storage pieces. (However, I must warn you that I have not had any luck finding it online. I Googled everything I could think of that might lead me to at least an image of it.)



I received this for my birthday and I love it! I rearranged my entire room for two days just so I could fit it. The surface space is limited but because I was able to shift things around and had more than two large drawers to store my stuff, the clutter has dwindled to a minimum. I still have room for my lamp, lotion, remote control (or clicker as I call it) and bedtime story.

Super cool gift for a bookworm like me!


What are your thoughts?