Reading Travelers

This morning something beautiful happened. I opened my bedroom curtains to see how far Spring has come before Tuesday’s potential snow erases all its hard work, when I saw movement coming from my neighbor’s window. (This isn’t going to be as creepy as it sounds.)

Photo courtesy of Takkk from

Photo courtesy of Takkk from


My neighbor is a 70(-plus)-year-old man who rarely leaves the house and never opens his curtains. I’ve seen him outside twice in the nine months I’ve lived here, so the movement caught my attention and I realized he was reading from the natural light of the sun coming in through his corner windows. I could see the top of his head, the tip of his nose and the entire book held up by his hands. I didn’t want to stare, but I was happy to see him exercising his brain, so I left and checked in later to see he was STILL on his reading journey.

He may not leave his house often, but he does go somewhere.

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