Now we are tall, we are wise, we are tired of growing all of this time."
- Lucy Schwartz

Parenthood Changed My Life


Parenthood changed my life. How?

Reason 1. Until this show, I didn’t believe I had the wife or mommy gene. The further I got into this series, the more I fell in love with the idea of starting my own family.

Reason 2. I cry every episode … and I’m not the only one! Every time Parenthood starts up again, there are at least 5 Facebook friends with messages along the lines of: “Oh boy, Parenthood is starting up again. Where are the tissues?” or “Getting ready to cry — watching Parenthood.” We aren’t crying because it’s sad. We are crying because the show is so damn beautiful.

Reason 3. Amber, Crosby and Max.

Amber, Crosby and Max

They are my favorite characters. Probably in that order, too.

Amber: The poor girl who lost her way and always makes bad decisions when it comes to relationships. She works for her Uncle Crosby in his music recording studio, The Luncheonette, helping the artists get what they need during their recording sessions. Unfortunately, Amber has yet to end up with the many musicians keeping their eyes on her and instead she has settled for Ryan, a veteran suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, you name it.

Crosby: While I don’t want to admit it, I’ve dated many Crosbys. They are artistic and musical with a big heart but an immature, bachelor mindset. He is fun, but there’s always a catch. He has a hard time growing up and learning adult responsibilities; however, his mysterious personality and love for his career and family trump the negatives and, it turns out, he’s a great catch!

Max: Socially awkward. Blunt. Honest. Temper tantrum. Literal. These are all descriptions of Max who struggles with Aspergers. Throughout the series you watch his family learn how to fulfill his needs and you also get to watch a child with a cognitive disability grow into a teenager. It’s been wonderful and amusing getting to know Max’s character, especially now that we know Sarah is dating Hank who also might just have the same form of autism (Powerful moment). Oh, and Max is hilarious!

Reason 3. Joel. The love of my life.

Parenthood - Season 4

If I was allowed to choose any man from the show that I could marry for my own, it would be Joel. I love him. LOOOOOVE him. He is an amazing man. Always there for Julia’s family and his own. You need to put in new flooring? Joel magically appears, no matter how rocky his marriage has gotten. Need someone to raise your kids? Marry Joel. He begins as a stay home dad, supporting his wife’s crazy lawyer lifestyle. Near the middle of series you get to see Joel take over as breadwinner, and even though all hell breaks loose for Julia, Joel ends up being even more attractive to the viewers. (Except for when he moves out. Stupid decision Joel!)

Reason 4. Adam and Kristina.

Christina and Adam

I would vote them the BEST couple of the series. Watching the rollercoaster of life rock their marriage only makes them stronger, especially when Christina nearly dies from cancer in season 4. Which leads them back to being 20 year olds all over again for a short period of time. Then Christina finds strength in her sick friends who are still trying to beat cancer at the hospital. She runs for mayor and opens a school for children with disabilities like her son Max. Adam partners with Crosby to help run The Luncheonette recording studio and teaches culinary classes at his wife’s new school. Together they are amazing role models for people of this day and age who are just looking to get a wedding ring on their finger. Take a few tips from these two and you’ll live a long, healthy life with your partner and children by your side.

5. The theme songs.



“Forever Young” by Bob Dylan and The Band.

“When We Were Young” by Lucy Schwartz.

Need I say more here?

* * *

I am so sad to hear this show is in it’s sixth and final season. I will miss these characters terribly. Thank you for changing my life Parenthood. My future husband and children thank you, too!

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