Creative Crews

This week I was hired as Communication Specialist at Candeo Creative in Oshkosh!

I knew this job was going to be something I would love the moment I walked in the door. Every piece of furniture and decoration is strategically placed. The offices are arranged with each person’s artistic flair. The rooms are lit with warm lights and the walls are decorated for inspiration and comfort. Just what every creative individual needs.

Now it’s my turn to design my desk space. I’m bouncing ideas in my head involving (you guess it!) books! But since I’m in the middle of moving houses, I decided to start with a creative photo for the Candeo Creative website.

One of my photos for the Candeo Creative website.

This book is the start of my desk decor!

Today, the girls took me out for a bowl of goodies at Rhapsodies Frozen Custard in Oshkosh to celebrate my first week, and also because we all love tasty delights. Not only was the sweet treat memorable, but so were the quotes (from Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, etc.) painted all over the walls!

The greeting quote when you enter Rhapsodies for some delicious custard!

The greeting quote when you enter Rhapsodies for some delicious custard!

 It was a great day in Measure Life in Bookmarks land!

Intro to English — Real World Style

Oh, the things I wish people had told me when I was in college…

* * *

This week I was invited to speak at a former English professor’s Intro to English class at UW-Oshkosh to give current students advice on how to (at least attempt to) conquer the real world with an English degree.

My college BFF and former roommate Kyla Morris also spoke about how she came to be the owner of The Backlot Comedy House on Main Street in Oshkosh.

Kyla Morris, LJ Baker and I in front of Clow at UW-Oshkosh after a presentation to an English 281 class on May 9.

Kyla Morris, LJ Baker and I in front of Clow at UW-Oshkosh after a presentation to an English 281 class on May 9.

Professor Laura Jean Baker, who taught our Memoir and Fiction I class, is still as beautiful and sweet as ever! After our talk with the class, the three of us caught up on more personal matters, discussing people we’d written about in Memoir, our future career plans, and current living/relationship situations.

LJ and me in front of Clow after a presentation at UWO.

LJ and I in front of Clow after a presentation at UWO.

It was so wonderful to reconnect with another inspirational teacher who helped push my writing in a more appropriate, professional direction. She was very encouraging and honest when it came to reviewing my work. Her criticism was beneficial and I learned so much about the craft of writing but I also learned a lot about myself. When it came to memoir pieces, I kept writing with too much emotion.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

LJ assigned our class The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (which is still one of my favorite novels and recommendations for anyone who asks). It gave me courage to write my first memoir piece in a neutral and honest way, just like Walls did in her memoir. It became, what I like to think of as, one of my most effective pieces with regards to capturing my readers’ attention with quick, impactful snippets of memories that group into one larger piece at its completion.

I have nothing but kind words to say about LJ and what her classes have done for my writing, and I was honored to have spoken with her Introduction to English class. Thank you, LJ!

Noble Beginnings, Tragic Ends

Some nights I need a Wuthering Heights fix. These clips make it easier than rereading the novel for the sixth time or watching the movie for the fiftieth. Also, if you’re curious about whether or not the 2009 film version might be worth your time, these videos will probably make or break your procrastination.


“You began in here. I dreamed you up.”


“If all else perished and he remained, I should still continue to be. Nelly, I am Heathcliff. Not as a pleasure but as my own being. I cannot think of our separation. I will never talk of our separation again.”


“I thought you’d forgotten me.”
“You know I could as soon forget you as my own existence.”


“You said I killed you. Haunt me then. Be with me always. Take any form, drive me mad, but don’t leave me in the abyss where I cannot find you. I cannot live without my life. I cannot live without my soul.”