Bad Mood Bears Pick-Me-Ups

Whenever I’m in a crappy mood, whether it’s linked to stress, sadness, anger — whatever — I sometimes have to watch a funny TV show, or a compilation of funny cat videos (Don’t ask; they get me every time.), or listen to some music, or watch stand up comedy, or read autocorrect fails, etc., to feel better.

But then I discovered this …

Yeah, that’s my boyfriend. He’s wonderful. But not only that, this video cheers me right up. How can you not laugh? I mean seriously.

Every. Single. Time.

:::Wipes tears from corners of eyes:::





Clipped Arts

Visit for more of Shari's masterpieces for sale!

Visit for more of Shari’s masterpieces for sale!


Thank you, Shari Wittman for all of your creativity and generosity!
These earring will go great with my literature necklace.

And look! They’re Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice novels!
A Bronte and an Austen.
What more could you want?

Good News, Bad News

Well, friends and followers. I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news: I have 5 jobs.

The bad news: I have 5 jobs.

Luckily, the two extra jobs that I have taken on are in my field (FINALLY!) and another job is working for my college BFF who allows me to take nights off when I am having mental meltdowns on the phone with her about how there are not enough hours in a day.

The good news: I may actually be able to pay my bills now.

The bad news: I may not be able to post as often on my blog.


The good news: One of my jobs requires playing on Facebook for 10+ hours a week. Let me rephrase that, on OTHER PEOPLE’S Facebook pages. Yeah, all that Shop Local business … that’s me! For Insight Publications I am taking over several smaller sections of the magazine, which I am absolutely thrilled about!

The bad news: I’m on my computer all day, between every shift. Sometimes it feels like I’m rotting away in my computer chair and my body is so stiff but there’s no time for yoga. On the bright side, I have an excuse to sit at a coffee shop again for hours at a time. When I’m not working 30+ hours at my first two jobs, that is.


The good news: I am finally headed in the right direction with my career for a change.

The bad news: I may not have the most perfectest grammer by the thyme I write again late late at nite.


The good news: My first two jobs are all about helping people. The Boys and Girls Club gives me a chance to hang out with some kids and relieve some stress. Daily Details allows me time to stretch, sweat, and get some exercise. And let’s not forget a time to laugh at The Backlot Comedy House.

The bad news: They require more than sitting at my desk. The only bad thing about that is I am generally trying to finish up an article or Facebook status when it’s time to rush out the door to those jobs. And every writer can attest to how stressful and frustrating it is to be interrupted in the middle of a sentence/thought.


Good news: I am keeping busy and I enjoy everything I am doing.


Because I don’t know the next time I’ll be able to write: I miss you all already! Hopefully we will see each other again soon.



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